Infernal Underground

Check this amazing OldSchool FPS developed by HeXentic Team

HeXen 2D Fangame

We are HeXen Lovers, and we make our little tribute fangame... please feel free to check it out the demo

Perplex Dimensions

HeXentic is all about create new experiences to our customers. Perplex Dimensions is all about that, perception... Check it out this cool Visual Novel developed in the Global Game Jam 2012.


Following the same way of Perplex Dimensions, NIN is our new and little Visual Novel developed in Global Game Jam 2014... We see the things as we are and not as they are.

Traveldox "The Last Way"

This is "the game". Is our philosophy focusing in one game, our vision, our future... Ladies and gentlements... This game it's the monster that we are working on... Powered by the powerful Unreal Engine 4. Traveldox is the most ambitious and promising HeXentic's Game

Our Games

Check the list of the games that we developed and we are working on now.


We are looking for talented and passionate people to make our games. Check the list of possible positions available.


Do you have some questions? want to meet us? want to share experiencies? Feel free to contact us.