Perplex Dimensions



Perplex Dimensions is a new kind of vision of how a game is… influenced by the famous Half-Life 2 mod and after standalon game “Dear Esther” Perplex Dimensions wants to be a really good project that represents the style. Perplex Dimensions doesn’t just purpose a real good environments to explore, is a new kind of psychologically and tense game purpose… the objective is more than an enjoyable experience… “We don’t want you play the game… we hope you live this”

The Game is in Spanish.

Minimum HW Requirements

  • 2.33GHZ Intel Core 2Duo or AMD Equivalent (Quad core processors are recommended)
  • 3GB of Ram (4GB Recommended)
  • 512MB of video GT 200 Series / AMD 5500 or better(external video cards are recommended)
  • Windows 7  (I strongly recommend the 64 bit version is more optimized)
  • Around 1.5GB of free Space

Perplex Dimensions


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